Great milestone for PPI! Last Night it became UN ECOSOC special consultative NGO member

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The UN Economic and Social Council decided to grant special consultative status to Pirate Parties International, via its Brussels offices. The decision was made on July 26th, 2017 at the third round of Coordination and Management meetings. PPI is already an observer at the World Trade Organization.

PPI plans to participate in discussions of the Human Rights Council regarding privacy; and wishes to develop activities along the following 4 core areas:
1) The Cyber Geneva convention
2) The Cyberweapon non-proliferation convention
3) Immaterial goods trade framework, including intellectual property and copyrights
4) Participatory and direct democracy tools sharing and maturity framework development
PPI has accomplished a number of strategic goals leading up to this achievement:
  • It assisted and supported the development of the Pirate Security Conference, which is a satellite event of the Munich Security Conference. This conference is dedicated to issues of global digital security facing modern society, such as cyberwarfare, information disssemination, critical infrastructure, and the continuity of state functioning in cases of castatrophies.
  • It presented the „Inclusion of Provisions For Public Licenses Into The TRIPS Agreement“ on December 15, 2013 at the World Trade Organization. 
  • It developed initiatives regarding the preservation of human rights and digital human rights through social media campaigns and media relations.
  • It hosted two Think Twice Conferences, which brought together members of academia and political figures to discuss collaboration and social inclusion.
From Guillaume Saouli, the chairman of PPI: „I would like to thank all the people that have contributed to this achievement. Without their daily engagement and commitment, PPI would not have been able to deliver all those projects and contributions which make it today a partner worthwhile consideringWhile Pirate Parties International develops its role as a global contributor in core areas of the ECOSOC council, it maintains a strong and engaged role in supporting grass roots projects, campaigns and actions. As societies take on the challenges of digitalisation, the work already accomplished by our members can positively contribute towards a successful digital transition.“
PPI continues to pursue international intitiatives. It is already in the process of setting up the next Think Twice Conference, a Forum on Online Freedom and Global Cooperation which will happen in March 2018. The organization continues to grow, moving its operations to Geneva, Switzerland and collaborating with additional organizations and individuals around the world.

Version Française

Le Conseil économique et social – ECOSOC – de l’ONU a décidé d’accorder au Parti Pirate International un statut consultatif spécial, via son bureau de Bruxelles. La décision a été prise le 26 juillet 2017, durant la troisième session des rencontres de coordination et de gestion. Le PPI a déjà un statut d’observateur auprès de l’Organisation Mondiale du Commerce (OMC)

Le PPI projette de participer aux discussions du Conseil des droits de l’homme au sujet de la vie privée et souhaite développer des activités dans quatre domaines essentiels:
1) La Cyber Convention de Genève
2) La Convention de non-prolifération de cyber-armes
3) Le cadre institutionnel sur le commerce de biens immatériels, incluant la propriété intellectuel et le droit d’auteur
4) Le développement et le partage des outils de démocratie participative directe, avec une trame de maturation concrète.
Le PPI a pu atteindre son objectif de reconnaissance statutaire au sein de l’ECOSOC parce qu’il a déjà accompli  un certain nombre de réalisations stratégiques:
  • En soutenant et en contribuant au développement de la Conférence Pirate sur la sécurité, un événement adjacent à la Conférence sur la sécurité de Münich. Cette conférence porte sur les questions de sécurité digitale globale auxquelles la société moderne est confrontée, telles que les cyberguerres, la diffusion d’informations, les infrastructures sensibles et la préservation du fonctionnement de l’Etat en cas de catastrophes. 
  • En présentant  sa prise de position „Inclusion de mesures en faveur de licences publiques“ dans le cadre de l’ADPIC-TRIPS le 15 décembre 2013, à l’Organisation Mondiale du Commerce.
  • En développant des initiatives concernant la préservation des droits humains et des droits humains digitaux au travers de campagnes sur les réseaux sociaux et dans les médias. 
  • En organisant et facilitant deux conférences Think Twice, qui ont réuni des chercheurs et des acteurs du monde politique pour discuter de collaboration et d’inclusion sociale. 
Guillaume Saouli, le Président du PPI précise : „Je voudrais remercier toutes les personnes qui ont permis d’atteindre cette étape qui est à marquer d’une pierre blanche. Sans leur engagement et leur dévouement quotidien, le PPI n’aurait pas été en mesure de réaliser tous ces projets et contributions qui font dorénavant de lui un partenaire digne de considération. Tout en développant son rôle de contributeur global dans des domaines-clés du conseil de l’ECOSOC, il continuera de s’engager fortement pour soutenir des projets, des campagnes et des actions de la base citoyenne. Alors que les sociétés s’emparent du défi de la digitalisation, les travaux déjà accomplis par nos membres peuvent contribuer positivement à une transition digitale réussie.“
Le PPI poursuit ses travaux et initiatives internationales. Il a déjà commencé à organiser la prochaine conférence Think Twice, un forum sur la liberté en ligne et la coopération globale, qui se déroulera en mars 2018. Le PPI continue de grandir, déménageant ses opérations à Genève, en Suisse, et collaborant avec d’autres organisations et personnes dans le monde entier.

Call for Speakers, Sponsors, and Participants for Think Twice Three (TT3): March 2-4, 2018 in Jerusalem

Think Twice Conference III: The Jerusalem Forum on Online Freedom and Global Cooperation 


The Think Twice Conference (TT3) will bring academics, IT professionals, nonprofit and governmental organizations, and social activists together to present and discuss solutions towards creating a free and fair online regime. Prior Think Twice conferences were held in 2014 in Frankfurt, Germany and in 2015 in Istanbul, Turkey. The event is sponsored by Pirate Parties International, and numerous leaders of Pirate Parties from around the world will be attending and speaking. This event is open to the public, as well as members of other organizations who seek to debate policies that respect net neutrality and human rights. The goal of the event is to bring together a variety of individuals and organizations from different fields of expertise and backgrounds. We are seeking speakers, sponsors, presenters and volunteers for the upcoming event that will be held March 2nd to 4th, 2018 in Jerusalem. This event will take place directly after the Purim holiday festivals, and attendees are encouraged to arrive a couple days before the event. The conference will also include a day of touring around the city. The preferred language of the speeches is English. Below you will find a discussion of the themes for the conference and information about applying. We hope that by reading this you are already interested in attending, and if so we encourage you to apply to be a speaker, sponsor, presenter, and/or volunteer. Any inquiries can be sent to


Call for Participants:

There will be limited seating for the event. A small fee of 100 shekels (25 euros) will be charged per day of the event, or 200 shekels (50 euros) for the full 3-day event. The participation fee will include some meals and other amenities. This is a non-profit event. Discounted rates (50% off) are available for individuals with limited financial means. Please reserve your place by filling out this form or sending an email with the subject line #TT3participant: tt3@piratim.org


Call for Speakers

We welcome speakers who will contribute to this debate from four different perspectives: governmental, nonprofits, business, and activists. We are offering four venues to speak at the event: 1) workshops, 2) panel speakers, 3) small group speakers, and 4) large hall speakers.

You are asked to either present in a panel discussion (“Redefining Government Responsibility in Online Environments”), organize a workshop, or speak at the lecture hall. Critical discussions should be presented on one or more of the following subfields: online democracy, the political challenges of governing a free internet, regulations and deregulations of online environments, national and international policies of pirate parties, freedom of expression, security communities, crowdfunding and local/global economy, creative commons and the controversies of copyrights, the future of the digital world, and other related topics.

A number of well-known politicians, business representatives, nonprofit leaders, and activists will be invited to speak. However, the call for speakers is competitive and open to the public. If you are interested or know someone who is interested, please forward them this call for speakers. Decisions on speakers will be made by the board of PPI. If you are interested in applying, please read through the description of the speakers and fill out the form below. If you are interested in presenting at the event, such as by a poster or at a booth, please see the call for presenters below.

Government Focus: speakers who will contribute to redefining the boundaries of government transparency and privacy invasion. These speakers may be representatives or candidates for government, academics, or professionals from non-governmental organizations.

Nonprofit Focus: speakers who can discuss advocacy projects and community activities. These speakers should be leaders from nonprofit organizations that aim to assist communities gain access to open source technologies and similar solutions.

Business Focus: speakers should discuss the current issue of patents and open source technology.

Activists: some speakers do not fit neatly into the category of an organization. Some of the biggest players today in creating social change are bloggers and concerned individuals who have attracted a large following.

Please click here to fill out an application to speak or send your abstract.


Call for Presenters

Space will be made available for presenting visual media, such as posters, art work, or online materials, at the event. Researchers, students, artists, and others are invited to submit a description of the visual media that they would like to present. An hour of the conference will be reserved for making presentations and presenting your visual media to the audience. Presentations should represent the themes of the conference: online democracy, free internet, pirate parties, freedom of expression, and other related topics. Please click here to fill out an application to present.


Call for Volunteers

Individuals are needed who will assist during the event. Will you be coming to the conference? Would you be interested in assisting for part of the event? There will be a number of ways that you can assist, which should be a fun way to be involved, for example a hackathon. There will be a group within the conference that is focused on investigating open source projects to foster collaboration across the Middle East. Would you be interested in participating in this hackathon? If you are interested in participating in this hackathon or other assisting with other parts of the conference, please fill out the following form.


Call for Sponsors

Are you interested in supporting a multinational audience of online activists in Jerusalem? If so, we encourage you to contribute to this event. All individuals who attend must sponsor the event in some form (see Green Sponsor below). Opportunities are also available to set up an exhibitor’s booth. Sponsorship is not necessarily monetary. Sponsors may provide hardware and other needs for the event directly, such as live feed internet set up, projectors, sound boards and printouts. We will not be accepting sponsorships that exceed 25% of the total event costs. Sponsors should support some of the ideals established within the resolutions of PPI,, such as access to medicine, fair and balanced copyright, net neutrality, basic income, right to privacy, public transparency, global democracy, denouncement of unjust penal codes, etc. All sponsor requests will be considered by the board of PPI.


Sponsorship Opportunities

Platinum Sponsor: 2500 euros (Event sponsor). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 20 people, and a representative from your organization is invited to speak at the opening of the event. You will be able to present two exhibitor tables at the event to hand out information or merchandise. Your organization’s logo will be featured on the cover of the conference booklet, and a full page ad will be available in the conference booklet. Your logo will also be recognized on the conference website and venue materials. Handwritten letter will be sent from a Pirate activist following the event.

Gold Sponsor: 1000 euros (Sponsor a large hall lecture, panel, or hackathon). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 10 people. You will be able to present two exhibitor tables at the event to hand out information or merchandise. Full page ad will be available in the conference booklet and logo will be recognized on the conference website and venue materials. Handwritten letter will be sent from a Pirate activist following the event.

Silver Sponsor: 500 euros (Sponsor a small lecture or workshop). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 5 people. You will be able to present an exhibitor table at the event to hand out information or merchandise. Your logo will be recognized on the conference website and venue materials. Handwritten letters will be sent from a Pirate activist following the event.)

Bronze Sponsor: 100 euros (Sponsor a speaker or visual media presenter). Complementary seats will be provided for up to 3 people. Your logo will be recognized on the conference website and at the commencement of the speaker’s or presenter’s address. Handwritten letter will be sent from the speaker who you assisted to attend the event.

Green Sponsor: 50 euros, other monetary amount for those with limited means, and those lending hardware or services for the event. (Sponsor the movement). All attendees are green sponsors. A complimentary seat will be provided, along with breakfast and lunch. Your name will be recognized on the conference website. Lots of love will be provided.

Additional ways to be a sponsor: Host an attendee from abroad at your home. Volunteer during the event (link above), provide hardware for the event, provide hardware (projectors, cameras, video streaming system, sound system for each room plus microphones, decoration for the rooms, whiteboards…).

Please contact us if your budget does not enable you to contribute enough to be a bronze, silver, gold, or platinum sponsor, but you have a very worthy cause that you feel should be recognized at the conference. In order to be a sponsor, please fill out the following form


Call for Musical Performers

We are looking to recruit bands, DJs, or other performance artists who will perform at the end of each of the conference sessions. In order to be a performer, please send an email with the subject line #TT3performer to


We look forward to seeing you there,


The Board of PPI

Guillaume Saouli Chairman

Bailey Lamon Vice-Chairwoman

Thomas Gaul General Secretary

Keith L. Goldstein Treasurer

Raymond Johansen Board Member

Andrew Reitemeyer Board Member

Koen de Voegt Board Member

E-Mail to Board:

Legal domicile:

Pirate Parties International c/o Maître Dimitri Tzortzis BST-Avocats

4, boulevard des Tranchées CH-1205 Genève

#HowTo Mumble with Pirates and Activists in PPI

Having meetings online, streamed and through Mumble lets PPI demonstrate full transparency

This is a guide on how to listen in or participate in Mumble meetings with Pirate Parties International. General assemblies, board meetings and monthly international coordinator meetings occur on Mumble. We record the audio and publish the recording immediately after each meeting. Some of the meetings are even live streamed.

Mumble is open source voice chat software. Once you have installed this program on your computer or mobile device you can log in to a server. You will see a list of rooms in which you can meet other people to talk with. If you don’t have a microphone, don’t worry, because Mumble also has a text chat channel.

Summary: This is a guide on how to install Mumble on your device. You will learn how to configure Push to Talk and adjust your sound options. Finally, we explain how to configure the program to connect to our servers and the specific room where the meeting occurs.

Install Mumble on your desktop or look for a Mumble compatible app for your Android or IoS device

Download the Mumble client for your computer / mobile here:

Install Mumble as you do with any other program and be sure to run/finish the ‘Audio Wizard’ when you start Mumble for the first time. Please select the ‘Push To Talk button’ when running the ‘Audio Wizard’, otherwise your microphone will disturb the conversation by creating feedback. Afterwards, you can click on the button when you want to speak. You should only use the microphone when you are speaking.

Configuration to connect with our PPI servers

Read these instructions or directly do the following:

In Mumble click on menu: Server > Connect > Add new

Enter the following information:

Label: PPI (or any name that lets you remember where to find our server)
Server: (must be inserted exactly as written as the „Address“)
Port: 64738
Nickname: Your name/nick (Please use at least a name that identifies you and your country/party/organisation)

 How to find the room where the meeting is taking place

The right column in Mumble should now list all the rooms available. All you have to do is navigate down to find the meeting room as shown in the following illustration. In the left column you will be able to chat and share links. Good luck and feel free to find us in DM on Twitter at @PPI_Activism or @PPInternational if you should have further questions. Best of luck, and see you soon.

International Coordination Meeting-July 6th, 2017

Pirate Parties International

Dear Pirates,

The PPI board is happy to announce our first monthly meeting for International Coordinators and Pirate Activists! This meeting will take place on Thursday, July.6th at 8pm CEST. You can see how this matches up to your timezone here: We will meet on the PPI Mumble Server:, room: international/pirate parties international/board meeting

If you cannot make this first meeting, don’t worry because there will be many more. Feel free to suggest some alternative times for future meetings as we are hoping to rotate them as we move forward, and hopefully accommodate everyone who wants to be involved in this initiative.

If you are coming to the meeting, take some time to think about which causes and/or project ideas you are passionate about that global Pirates can work on together, and how we can share our skills and experiences to build international solidarity in the movement. There is no pressure and we do not even have to come up with any original projects at this time…we just need to get together and talk, share ideas and see where these ideas take us. Feel free to email if you have any questions or concerns.

We hope to see you there.

Here is how to use Mumble:

PPI Board 2016-2017


Monthly Meetings for International Coordination and Activism!

Hello Pirates!

As you will recall if you were at the last PPI General Assembly back in April, there was a discussion about how we really need to meet more regularly. It’s nice to have GAs once in a while, but they’re really not useful when it comes to doing activism together. We need to have regular meetings in order to be able to plan effective campaigns, actions and events.

So…let’s make it happen! PPI would like to start bringing together international coordinators and representatives from both members and non-member parties, as well as individuals interested in Pirate Activism, at least once per month. What we do is completely up to you. There are a few things we have in mind, such as international support for Pirate Parties during election time—several countries have elections in the coming months, such as Germany and Norway, to name a couple. There’s also unified global actions and campaigns around specific issues of our choosing, like mass surveillance or net neutrality. These meetings will also be good opportunities to give regular reports on what Pirates are up to in various countries, including strategy discussions and in general, helping and learning from each other.

The possibilities are endless, and where we go will depend entirely on where YOU want to steer the ship.

These meetings will be separate from PPI board meetings and general assemblies, less formal, and allow for plenty of creative freedom. We are not meeting to discuss the wording of statute #9001 or to discuss statutes at all, for that matter…we are meeting to have fun, to learn from each other, and to make interesting, important things happen. We are meeting to build unity in our movement, in a time where unity is more desperately needed than ever.

We will start by meeting on Mumble, and if we find a better tool in the future we can always switch if we want to. Timezones make international meetings tricky to schedule, so it may be a good idea to rotate between a few different meeting times…but for now, we would like to ask you for feedback on when to hold this very first meeting, during which we will collectively establish our procedures going forward. We have set up a poll with some suggested dates. Please fill it out ASAP as we hope to announce the meeting in one week:

We very much look forward to working with you and seeing this come together.


PPI Board 2016-2017

Call for Offers – Pirate Parties International Conference 2017

PPI Conference 2017

PirPirate Parties Internationalate Parties International would like to receive offers from entities that would like to host our yearly General Assembly. Below you will find our formal requirements. 


Call for Offers – PPI conference 2017 (prolonged application period)

‘’’This is the list of requirements for an offer to host the next PPI General Assembly’’’

  • The deadline for sending in the offers is 06.08.2017.
  • The conference should take place in September – December of 2017′.

Completed offers as well as additional questions can be sent to the PPI board <board @ pp-international . net> and will be published on this wiki page.

We would appreciate offers from outside of Europe as we like to rotate the conference around the world in the future.


14.06.2017 – publishing the call for offers

06.08.2017 – deadline for applications

07.08.2017 – mumble conference with all offers/public offer opening.

07.08.2017 – discussion of submitted offers (PPI Board meeting)

14.08.2017 – begin of voting by PPI members after the offers approval by PPI Board- announce winners. (PPI Board meeting)


The following is required from the offers. You can always add more information to your offer!



  • Conference will take place on a weekend.
  • It will last for 2 days (Saturday/Sunday).
  • Social events planned on Friday or Saturday evening (to be paid by participants or sponsored)
  • Preferable to have access to the Venue on Friday for setup of the conference

Mandatory requirements:

  • Dates
  • Offering Party/Organisation
  • Information on the venue
  • Information on Social events planned
  • List of dates the conference can take place

Offering Pirate Party/Organisation


  • Your party/organisation does not need to be a member of the PPI.
  • Countries from every continent can deposit an offer. Preferable from outside of Europe.
  • Regional or local parties can deposit an offer.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Name of the Pirate Party/Organisation planning the conference
  • The offering party/organisation is required to sign a contract. (If your Party is not a legal personality who can sign contracts, you need to find someone who can sign on your behalf)



  • Accessibility:
    • Easily accessible via public transportation
    • International airport and train station nearby (International guests have to be able to reach the location of the conference without too much trouble. We don’t necessarily require an international airport right next to the venue, but the nearest airport should at least be connected to an international hub, so that international guests don’t have to change planes too often.)
    • Address must be found by GPS/Navi
    • Parking nearby
  • Venue:
    • Size: place for 80-150 people
    • Chairs for all people
    • Tables for the majority of the people
    • Access possible for disabled persons
    • Sound system: at least 3-5 mobile Microphones, Speakers, Mixer, Sound-Operator. Microphones must be able to be used by the audience. Connection to stream equipment is mandatory.
    • Video: beamer/screen necessary, must be big enough to read from the last rows of the venue
    • Video and audio so that remote participants can address the meeting.
    • Facilities
    • Separate rooms for conference production (at least 10 sqm), press centre (at least 15 sqm), rooms for open space conference workshops (4 to 9, or possibility to divide the main room into small groups)
    • Electricity: must handle projector, light, and use of laptops of the majority of the guests. Plugs available for a majority of the seats.
    • Internet access for all guests. Must be reliable and fast enough for streaming. (Better a dedicated uplink for streaming with at least 2Mbps).
Net balancing for prioritized applications. Fallback solution in case of failure of the line.
    • Streaming: audio streaming of the entire „official“ part of the conference is a must, video streaming highly suggested.
    • Screens for the chairman and secretary to be able to monitor remote participation and events.
    • Catering is not a must. However information on local restaurants/malls with reasonable prices is a minimum.

Mandatory requirements:

  • Accessibility:
    • Address of the venue
    • Distance (km) and time of the closes train station and airport
  • Venue:
    • Size of the venue (people, m^2)
    • Number of chairs and tables
    • Access for disabled persons?
    • Details on the sound equipment
    • Details on the video equipment
    • Facilities?
    • Details on the electricity setup
    • Details on the Internet setup
    • Details on the streaming setup


  • Accessibility:
    • Possibility to put up signs on public places with directions around the venue
  • side rooms for open space conference workshops
  • Venue:
    • Pictures of the venue
    • Stage in venue
    • Wardrobe
    • 1-2 extra rooms (e.g. for press, organization team)
    • Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters)
    • A lot of plugs
    • Video streaming possible (big bonus), including beamer content
    • Catering
    • Separate space for sponsors to present themselves
    • Many journalists present 🙂


  • One local project leader, easily reachable by phone/e-mail/jabber/SIP or alike.
  • Team of at least 10 people dedicated to plan the conference
  • Team of at least 20-25 people over the weekend at the location

Mandatory requirements:

  • Contact data of the project leader
  • Size of the planning team
  • Size of the team at the location
  • Local press team which is active at least 4 weeks before the event.


  • The more people the better.


Mandatory requirements:

  • Approx. costs of the conference (total and summary detail)
  • Funding possibilities (e.g. local/regional/national funding by the authorities or private organizations)


  • Additional funding concept (like possible sponsors, public funds that can be used, etc.)



  • Hotels/hostels nearby (contingent possible?)
  • Possibility of staying overnight at the venue

Mandatory requirements:

  • Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue
  • Approx. costs for accommodation


  • Transport hotel/hostel to venue
  • Approx. living costs in the city of the venue


You can use this template to send in your offer. You can add to or modify the template if you have additional details about your offer.


Date of the conference: (can be a list of alternatives)


Your name: (Pirate Party)


Address of the venue:

Distance and time to the closest train station and airport:

Size of the venue (people, m^2):

Number of chairs and tables available:

Access for disabled persons: Yes/No

Details on the sound equipment:

Details on the video equipment:

Details on the electricity setup:

Details on the Internet setup:

Details on the streaming setup:

Wardrobe: Yes/No

1-2 extra rooms: Yes/No

Possibility to decorate (e.g. flags, posters): Yes/No



Contact data of the project leader: (name), (e-mail address), (telephone number), (JabberID), (SIP address), (Telegram), (Wire)

Size of the planning team:

Size of the team at the location:


Approx. costs of the conference: (total and summary detail)

Funding possibilities:

Additional funding concepts:


Approx. number of hostels/hotels near venue:

Approx. costs for accommodation for 2-3 days:

Approx. living costs in the city of the venue for the time of the conference:


Annex: The announcement had been changed on 2017-07-24. All given dates had been changed accordingly. @Thomas1G

PPI is splitting its Twitter to Assist Members Directly

PPI is looking ahead to forge a more successful working relationship with our members

Pirate advocacy has never been more urgent, and so we at PPI are making a number of important changes to the structure of our social media campaign to improve our impact. Over the past few years PPI has struggled to keep up with the ambitious goals that were drafted for the organization. While our detractors are numerous, we will not relent in our struggle to overcome injustice. As a group of concerned advocates who aim to protect the planet, we realized that some small simple steps were necessary to the way that we relay information to our members. As a result, we have decided to split our Twitter account, creating a new resource. A new Twitter account that will take over the old name from the original account @PPInternational

The old Twitter account @PPInternational will remain in service. This account will continue to broadcast activism messages that are intended for the public at large. As previously, it will allow various content from both outside and inside the Pirate movement. All confirmed international coordinators/delegates are allowed to contribute content to this Twitter platform. PPI is about presenting a diverse set of voices from around the world- and we respect that diversity of opinions- but we also represent a united platform. Hence, while the old Twitter will continue to present these diverse messages of activism, the new @PPInternational will represent the unified, official, professional platform for our social media.

The main account will focus on increased dialogue with our members using Twitter lists and DM group chats. Messages will focus on advocacy topics that we democratically agreed to support, as well as specific official projects, such as the upcoming General Assembly. The contributors to @PPIinternational will be board members or a select few individuals the board assigns to administer the account. The important point of the new account is that content will be specific to matters that PPI has vetted and approved. In the new account we will focus on following official members and potential members.

Our main goal should always be to serve our members and help the movement grow. Today we feel we are ready to take the first steps in that direction. By creating a resource for our members, we hope we can serve your interests and put a more professional face on our organization. Hence, this letter seeks to provide our members information about the changes that will be made in the near future. We apologize in advance for any confusion that will take place. As always, we aim to continue to expand this organization and its global outreach. With your support we will continue to innovate and grow.

The following is a list of some of the changes as part of the Twitter split

  • We will start by making Twitter Lists that give everybody a place where to find our members. This process will include identifying official members and potential members.
  • The current contact database of members and non-members will be integrated into the new Twitter account. This process of solidifying our contacts innovates on the current spreadsheets that PPI developed and maintains.
  • Both Twitter accounts will be Twitter Verified.
  • The old account will continue to allow all kinds of activism content from both outside and inside the Pirate movement. We will be contacting all of the confirmed international coordinators/delegates to encourage them to continue contributing content. It will be emphasized as a means to boost the resonance of your activities, in your own language.
  • We will identify and market several new hash tags where members, activists, and non-members can use our channels to signal their interests. Concerns can be global, national or local, using whichever languages are deemed pertinent. Being truly international means that we must reflect many cultures and languages. #PPIactivism, #PPInt, #PPIpol, PPIevents, #PPIelections, #PPIboost and #PPIpolicy are examples we will market continuously.

We hope you will be patient while we make this change. We have several other projects in the works that will have the same clear motivation of providing support to our members. Feel free to get back to us with your feedback and ideas- without them nothing will happen. PPI is a democratic organization that relies on the vocal support of volunteers. The resources that we present, from the social media accounts to the assemblies and even the board itself, are there to serve as a conduit for your interests. We need your grassroots support to carry this organization forward and steer PPI in the right direction for the future. PPI is a global village, and it will take many villages and villagers to make a real difference in the world.

On behalf of the board of Pirate Parties International 

Raymond Johansen, Bailey Lamon and Keith Goldstein – June 2017

PPI in Support of #PiratesforIceland

Geneva, Switzerland, October 29th, 2016 – This Saturday, October 29th, 2016 is election day in Iceland. As it currently stands, the Pirate Party is polling at 24%, meaning that over 1 in 5 voters are likely to vote Pirate. They are ahead of all the other political parties, including their main opposition, the Independence Party. 
Regardless of who ends up in the lead, we know that the new Icelandic government will be largely formed by the Pirates, and in fact will have the most Pirates ever elected to any national parliament. This means that evidence-based and forward thinking policies on open government, direct democracy, and ending the war on drugs are more likely than ever to be put into practice. And we can’t wait to see it. In the words of Patrick Schiffer, Chairman of the German Pirate Party: 
„The Icelandic people have survived many crises in recent years. The financial crisis has been considerably damaging to the banking sector and the labor market. Many people had to give up their jobs and start over entirely, and the older political parties have failed in their approach to Iceland’s problems in the wake of it all, losing their credibility with the people. The Pirate Party on the other hand, with their fresh, new ideas have a positive reputation, as shown in the polls just before the election. There is a very possible government takeover by the Pirates in the near future. The Icelandic Pirate Party wants to give more opportunities for the population to invest in themselves and help determine Iceland’s future. Pirates all over the world stand for a transparent direct democracy, and in Iceland this could soon be a real government policy. Icelandic Pirates and possible coalition partners have already had discussions. This is new and empowering in itself! We wish the Icelandic PIRATES a good election result, and I myself will be in Iceland during the elections to help. Go Pirates!“

Not only are we anticipating a historic victory for the Icelandic Pirates, but this will be a victory for the Pirate movement as a whole. Whether you are in Europe, North America, Australia, Asia, Africa or elsewhere, we have all been watching Iceland and knew this exciting time was coming. Iceland is inspirational to us all, and we will take that inspiration to our national parties, as well as PPI, and the movement will continue to grow.

Now, our brothers and sisters in Iceland need our support. Many of you are in Reykjavik already, helping out. And in many places around the world, Pirates are getting together to watch the results. This week, it is #PiratesForIceland all over the world. Go to www.PiratesForIceland.Party to watch the livestream from Reykjavik, to follow Pirates vlog and blog and livetweet of the elections, to organize your own #PiratesForIceland Party, and to get in touch with other Pirates somewhere in the world, supporting Iceland.
If you are organizing a #PiratesforIceland event this Saturday, remember to contact Thomas De Groot [] as soon as possible. There is also a Cryptpad document to add your information and get informed on how tomorrow will work. 
All the best to our Icelandic comrades this Saturday!
 Pirate Parties International

An Update from the PPI Board!

Greetings, fellow Pirates!

Since July’s General Assembly (GA), the board has been working on mostly logistical and administrative tasks that will help PPI run smoothly in the long term. We’ve also been brainstorming and planning for the future; discussing projects, political activism, and devising ways to support Pirates around the world. So far we have had six meetings on Mumble. These meetings are always open to PPI members and the general public to not only listen in but also contribute any ideas you may have. Please consider attending one or more of these upcoming board meetings:

  • Monday, 24 October 2016 21:00 CEST
  • Sunday, 06 November 2016 08:00 CET
  • Monday, 21 November 2016 14:00 CET
  • Sunday, 11 December 2016 21:00 CET
  • Monday, 26 December 2016 08:00 CET

Getting Started

One of the first tasks completed was moving PPI’s physical location from Brussels, Belgium to Geneva, Switzerland. We have also opened a bank account with PostFinance, and appointed three cashiers to help us manage our day to day finances: Marie-France Perroud, Pat „Valio“ Maechler, and Rüedu Sommer, who are all from the Swiss Pirate Party. We very much appreciate their help! Additionally, two of our board members volunteered for the positions of general secretary and treasurer: Thomas Gaul (PPDE) and Keith Goldstein (PPIS) respectively.

Board meeting procedures

Efforts to increase the board’s transparency and accessibility are being made by amending the rules of procedure. At the last GA, a number of suggestions for how to do this were made in motion MO-4. The times and dates of board meetings now rotate to enable fair access of participation. A meeting notification to all PPI members including the pre-agenda goes out at least 24-48 hours in advance of each meeting, and another email with the minutes is sent afterwards and posted on the PPI wiki along with the audio recording. If, for whatever reason, you are unable to attend any of the meetings and you want to have a conversation with the PPI board, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will arrange something with you.

All PPI members are welcome to submit agenda items by sending them to:

All we ask is that any items you want to submit are sent at least 48 hours before the meeting, so that we can all go into it knowing what will be discussed.

Using Redmine

We want our members to participate in decisions in a way that is efficient and accessible, any time of the year. This is why we have set up an online voting system through Redmine. All member parties can appoint a delegate to vote on policy decisions, which will be particularly useful between the annual general assemblies. Any member can make a proposal, which will be read, discussed, and debated before a final vote. We hope Redmine will encourage greater participation and communication between all PPI members and the board. Furthermore, we hope it will provide more flexibility for the GA—enabling delegates from more distant parties to participate more efficiently online, and enabling more time to be spent on workshops and community building.

We want your feedback!

All PPI members should have received an email from Bailey (the vice-chairwoman) asking for feedback to the questions listed below. If you did not receive this email, please send us your responses to these questions. We want to know your thoughts on the current state of PPI, your experiences, and how you feel the organization can improve. These are our questions for you:

1. As a PPI member, do you feel that there are any crucial changes that need to be made in the organization? If so, what are they?

2. Are there any problems you’ve seen or experienced in the past (or present) that were handled poorly? If so, what do you feel should have been done to address the issue(s)?

3. Do you think that PPI has any strengths that can be built upon?

4. What are your expectations of the PPI board for 2016-2017? What do you absolutely need to see from us in the next 9-10 months?

5. If you could imagine a perfect PPI, what would it look like? How would it function? What is its role in the international Pirate community?

6. Is there anything else you want us to know, which might not be relevant to the previous questions?



Development of the 2016-2017 budget is under way and we are still assessing our financial situation. More information will be given to you about this in the near future. While PPI has existed for over 6 years, the organization still has a long way to grow. Our board will be examining how to improve PPI’s use of financial and human resources. This includes the implementation of a Bitcoin payment system for financial transactions, as well as fundraising so that we have the financial means to support a global political movement.

Action Plan

A communication and action plan is being developed for how we will move forward, such as how to assist new Pirate Parties in getting started, as well as connect Pirates with helpful contacts and resources depending on their needs. We have started with an inventory of Pirate Parties around the world, as well as social networks and other helpful connections at our disposal. We are working to get to a place where we can provide meaningful support to Pirates particularly during election time, effectively raise awareness around campaigns and causes that Pirates are taking on in their respective countries, and help spread the word about meetings and actions taking place globally. PPI’s main purpose is to encourage and help strengthen collaboration between Pirates on common goals and ideas. Building a strong global solidarity network will provide a foundation for more unified actions, statements, and political goals. 

Be a PPI Volunteer!

In the coming months between now and our next update, our board members will work tirelessly to help strengthen the global Pirate movement. We remind PPI members that we are all volunteers, who are employed in other jobs and activities, including our national Pirate Parties. We are confident that we can make a lot of good things happen with PPI in the coming months, but we must take it one step at a time and there is no way we can do it on our own. Please join and assist the board in developing the organization…and please, bring us your craziest, most revolutionary ideas!

Keep fighting the good fight,

PPI Board 2016-2017